Dance Pe Chance Registration Form 2021
Please upload a recent photo that clearly shows your full face (Size: 1 MP Max.) 

I. Application Process:

  1. The official Participation form must contain name and age of contestant as of 01/26/2021 which MAY be verified and confirmed.
  2. Deadline for submitting the application is February 11th   2021.
  3. Entry Fee: $ 35.00 per participant (Non-refundable). This is a solo dance competition.
  4. Entries will be on a first come first serve basis and will be limited to the available performance time.
  5. For Address, enter your Home address where the winning prizes or consolation prizes may be delivered.

II. Rules and Regulations:

To ensure the successful execution of the event, we have the following rules and regulations. PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW THEM & CONSENT.

Song :-

  1. The audition round will be from Feb 13th to Feb 14th 2021. Each participant will get 1 minute to perform.
  2. The final round will be on Feb 20th, 2021. Each selected participant will get 2 minutes to perform.
  3. Lively Performance Songs reflecting Indian culture are highly encouraged. Songs with explicit language are NOT allowed. Patriotic songs may get bonus points.
  4. Allow for a maximum of 10 seconds of blank space before the song plays.

Stage :-

  1. The performance location shall be Participant’s own location. An appropriate location should be selected. Since this is a web based live competition, High speed internet / connectivity, familiarity with Zoom performance, proper Web Camera, Lighting, Microphone and Speaker with adequate Volume capabilities required. It is solely the participants responsibility to check / try run ahead of the competition.  
  2. Dances with decent lyrics and decent dress code are highly encouraged. The FIA committee deserves the right to disqualify a performance citing inappropriate clothing.
  3. Participant shall be ready when slotted for. No additional time shall be given.
  4. Additional requirements may be sent to the selected participants.

Judging Criteria :-

  1. All categories will be judged on, overall presentation, technique, costume, & facial expression.
  2. Judges decision will be final.
  3. Proof of participant’s age shall be provided and it is subject of verification anytime during or after the competition either by the judges or the FIA committee member.
  4. FIA Committee reserves the right to disqualify any dance due to disorderly conduct.
  5. FIA Committee reserves the right to strip the award received on account of unprofessionalism including but not limited to altercation of any kind of disorderly conduct, any violation, etc.
  6. There will be 3 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) prizes in each category-Minor, Junior, Senior, and Adult.

Miscellaneous :-

  1. FIA at its sole discretion upon receipt of maximum applications shall close further new entries.
  2. All the event photographs and videos are the property of the FIA-NY-NJ-CT and can be used at the discretion of FIA in promos and other events related and other appropriate collaterals as deemed fit by the non-profit.
  3. This is a solo dance competition (single performer). There will be two rounds, an audition round and a Finale round. In Audition round, participants with the outstanding performance will be selected and will compete with other selected candidates in the finale round respectively in their age category. FIA committee reserves the right to amend the procedure and number of selected candidates.

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Price: $35.00
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