Privacy Policy

  1. Voter within the DPC Venue during the event on January 25th, 2020 having a valid ticket can participate in the Poll and vote through DPC App Mechanism.
  2. The Voter shall be required to download the DPC app from the Apple App Store / Android Play Store as per the details/QR Code mentioned in the ticket, the Voter have to register on DPC App entering the mandatory fields Seat no., Ticket No., Name, Email and Contact No. as may be required on the registration.
  3. Voter has to verify by one-time code received on his/her valid email id.
  4. Once the Voter successfully registers into the DPC App, he/she can cast his/her vote for the Dance Group after the Emcee announcement within the stipulated time. Emcee’s announcement will be after every performance of the group.
  5. The Voter who has cast his /her vote will get an automated response confirming the receipt of his/her vote.
  6. One (1) login Id during the Voting Cycle, is limited to 1 vote per user/e-mail id per Performance Group.
  7. User have to vote within stipulated time only.
  8. The Voter will not be charged for login to the DPC App to cast the vote, however, there will be cost levied, at the applicable rate, by the network provider for using internet connection which shall be checked by the Voter at his/her sole responsibility.
  9. The vote through any of the Voting Mechanism will be deemed to have been cast and received only when such vote reaches the server of the concerned telecom/ internet service provider and such vote as received by the webserver shall be considered for the purpose of counting. Any unclear/incorrect/incomplete vote and/or absence of valid user and e-mail id, incomplete vote, shall be considered as an invalid vote and shall deem to be null and void.
  10. FIA shall NOT be responsible in case of any kind of network problem, technical failure whatsoever and/or the data charges/costs charged by the network operator(s) and/or any other problems which may occur due to the failure of the Voting Mechanism or misuse of the Voting Mechanism inability to cast vote due to any other technical issue and/or any other reason whatsoever and/or any kind of problems in connection thereto. Any dispute in connection to the same shall be settled directly between the user/subscriber and the operator(s) without involving FIA in any manner and at anytime whatsoever.
  11. FIA shall NOT be responsible for any unauthorized access to user data and/or for any compromise on private/confidential user related, or any other data, including but not limiting to user ids, email address, names, contact numbers and/ or any other user-related details.
  12. Upon the Voter’s voting for the Dance Group, the user and email id from which the Voter has voted during the Voting Cycle will get registered with the App and the app will collate the total number of votes received for each Group.
  13. Any user who uninstalls the DPC App after registering into DPC App and re-install the DPC app will have to use the same email id which was registered at the time of the first installation.