Application Process

I. Application Process:

  1. The official Master Participants list must contain names and age of all contestants as of 01/25/2020 which MUST be verified and confirmed to be accurate by the dance school prior to submission of the form.
  2. Deadline for submitting the application is December 14th 2019.
  3. Please mail the Application form, 2 CDS and full payment. (See Point no. 7).
  4. Please email the picture of the Choreographer only. (Size: 1 MP Max.)
  5. Entry Fee: $ 35.00 per participant (Non-refundable).
  6. Entry fee for any new addition to the participants list after December 1st 2019 will be $40/per participant (non-refundable and non- negotiable).
  7. Make Check payable to Federation of Indian Associations and Mail Check To: Saurin Parikh, 4 Algiers Street, Plainview, NY 11803.
  8. Please submit one check for each group entry. Individual check for each participant will NOT be accepted.
  9. Entries will be on a first come first serve basis and will be limited to the available performance time.
  10. A $100.00 service fee will automatically be assessed for any checks returned to FIA from the bank.
  11. A $100.00 “Change Order” fee may be assessed per change for changes to any entry after the schedule is created. (This includes late changes before and during the competition).

II. Rules and Regulations:

To ensure the successful execution of the event, we have the following rules and regulations. PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW THEM & CONSENT.

  • In order to maintain correct spelling of participants and choreographers’ names in FIA brochure, they MUST be emailed by category as well as filled out in the attached application form. Also email the picture of Choreographer for brochure.
  1. The song selection will be on a first- come-first-select basis in order to avoid repetition. Feel free to call us in advance to book your song entry. The entry will be reserved for 5 days. In that time frame the application must be received with the associated fee. Please call Saurin Parikh at 516-652-7862, or email at
  2. Lively Performance Songs reflecting Indian culture are highly encouraged. Songs with explicit language are NOT allowed. Patriotic songs will get positive points as per Exhibit A.
  3. The song shall NOT be longer than 5 minutes. Songs playing over 5 minutes shall be subjected to negative marking as per Exhibit A.
  4. Allow for a maximum of 10 seconds of blank space before the song plays.
  5. Single CD required for each entry. CD should NOT be received later than Jan 7th 2020. CD shall be clearly marked with the name of the school, category and duration of song.
  6. CDs shall NOT be accepted during the rehearsal time.
  7. Song entries will be on first come first serve basis.

        Stage :-

  1. Props to be limited to only 2 hand held props per song (light enough to be carried by one participant of that category). FIA shall NOT help/assist in handling/ transferring or setting up props. Bulky/Big/Stodgy props are NOT allowed and will be denied entry to the auditorium due to safety concerns. There are no additional points for props.
  2. All props MUST be submitted for approval by December 7th 2020. Any/all unapproved props will result in negative marking as per Exhibit A.
  3. Dances with decent lyrics and decent dress code are highly encouraged. The FIA committee deserves the right to disqualify a performance citing inappropriate clothing.
  4. Glass bangles are NOT allowed on the stage or in the dressing area citing safety concerns.
  5. Dry or wet colors, grains, glitters and/or particles or material of any nature whatsoever, shall NOT be thrown on the stage, back stage and or in the dressing area. Violators shall be subjected to monetary damages.
  6. Props setup time and student set up time shall take less than 45 seconds. No additional time shall be given.
  7. No aerial acts or suspension acts are allowed citing safety concerns.
  8. A minimum of 8 participants per performance. No solo performances will be allowed.
  9. Only one choreographer, two managers and participants will be allowed backstage.
  10. All the participants are expected to come to the auditorium completely ready in their costumes and makeup. Back stage shall be used for touch ups only.

        Judging Criteria :-

  1. All categories will be judged on –coordination, presentation, technique, costumes, facial expressions.
  2. Judges decision will be final.
  3. Proof of participant’s age shall be maintained by the dance school and it is subject of verification anytime during the competition by the judges or the FIA committee. Choreographer/Manager of the pertaining school shall maintain and be able to furnish proof of age when needed.
  4. FIA Committee reserves the right to disqualify any dance school due to disorderly conduct and or vandalism.
  5. FIA deserves the right to strip the award/ awards received by the school on account of unprofessionalism including but not limited to altercation of any kind and/or disorderly conduct.
  6. There will be 3 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) prizes in each category. Minor Category; 3 Prizes / Junior Category 3 Prizes / Senior Category 3 Prizes. Additionally, there will be 1 Prize for the overall best Costume, 1 Prize overall best Choreography & 1 Prize for Best Debut School and 2nd winner for rising star.
  7. Disorderly conduct during the event will not be tolerated. Professionalism towards the event, other teams and volunteers should be maintained at all times.NO vandalism will be tolerated.

        Miscellaneous :-

  1. NO Food and/or drinks allowed in the auditorium.
  2. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
  3. The war memorial and FIA will not be responsible for any physical injury/loss incurred by any dance school and/or individual participating in the show or associated with the program or school.
  4. FIA at its sole discretion upon receipt of maximum applications shall close further new entries.
  5. All the event photographs and videos are the property of the FIANYNJCT and can be used at the discretion of FIA in promos and other even related and other appropriate collaterals as deemed fit by the nonprofit.

Exhibit A

Songs :-

  1. Maximum of five (5) minutes per entry will be strictly enforced with a penalty point of 10 points for every 5 seconds over 5.03 minutes for all the dance categories. (- 10 every 5 seconds over 5.03 minutes).
  2. Items with songs depicting patriotic fervor will get additional 5 points ->(+ 5 ).

Props :-

  1. All props need prior approval.
  2. Unapproved props will result in deduction of 10 points per unapproved prop(-10 for each unapproved prop).

Age :-

  1. It is imperative that the parent and the choreographer verify the listed age of each participant before the form submission. Age verification will be requested at anytime. For each Violation, the participant found in the wrong category/age group, during or after the performance will result in -10 points. Participant in violation will not be allowed to perform if found prior to the performance.